19th November 2018

Who we are

Why Choose us

At GSS we understand that people are the basis of any service business, unlike many of our competitors, we put people at the heart of everything we do. This starts internally at GSS from the day someone applies to join us, we rigorously vet prospective employees to ensure we get the right people for the role. Once someone joins the team we don’t forget them and treat them like an employee number, we offer them our top class in-house training and do our very most as a company to make sure their efforts are valued. We believe this culture of valuing workers will translate into more engaged workers, who will have a more vested interest in the performance of our company, thus leading to a greater care towards the things that matter most to our clients.

What services do we offer 

At GSS we currently have a wide range of security services on offer, these include; Event security, co-operate security, hotel security, club & bar security, concierge services and construction security. For all our security services, we are able to provide flexible security arrangements tailor-made to our specific client’s requirements.

Who we are

GSS (Genuine Security Services) is a young start-up company specialising in providing security services. Having been founded by management figures from a range of different industries, we are able to pool years of expertise from varying businesses, into our methods of working. GSS was founded on the ethos, “Striving for excellence”, which is a commitment to put excellence at the centre of our daily operations. We aim to achieve this by periodically reviewing security plans with clients, and continuingly investing in our staff, whether this is in the form of new technologies or specialist training. This coupled with the strong emphasis on attentiveness to detail, communication, and customer service means clients can rest assured their needs will be met, if not exceeded.